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Let’s change the way we watch sports!

  • WHY?
    Because just watching vs. playing along in FireFan while watching… is boring!  FireFan is FUN – even if you don’t like sports 🙂

  • WHAT?
    Instead of wishing you could – YOU call the plays, predict the outcome, compete with others, and win – then brag about it in the chatroom when you top the leaderboard!

  • WHEN?
    Every time there is a game or sporting event – you can play along live, compete with friends and celebrity athletes, or join leagues!

  • HOW?
    Just download FireFan – enter rewards code: FIRENOW for bonus game tokens – select a game, make your pre-game predictions, then play and keep making in-game picks!

Because there’s a better way to play…and have fun!



What is FireFan?

card2Honestly, I totally misunderstood what FireFan really was at first.  I thought it was another game app – and it wasn’t until I started playing, and created an awesome league, that it dawned on me that FireFan is a “social platform built around sports”!  I am not a sports fan by any stretch of the imagination, and I’ve never played game apps…never.  So, why do I play FireFan?  Initially – out of curiosity.  Now – because I LOVE to connect and compete with friends!

To me, the football game itself is totally secondary!  What I look forward to each week is catching up with a bunch of new friends (people I have never even met) and beating them on that Leaderboard – that’s CRAZY for me!  Half the time, I am just guessing when I make my in-game picks… but I’ve learned to pay attention to how a team is playing “today” before I make those picks! LOL  I’ve gotten to know the teams, the players, the coaches a lot better (didn’t even know the QBs before FireFan) – and lo and behold, I am looking forward to learning Basketball…something I have never even watched!

I believe FireFan will become the “facebook of sports” if you will – the best way I can describe it is this:

FireFan is the best way to
play with – and beat – an unlimited number
of friends, while watching a game,
in the comfort of your own home.


card1FireFan™ puts you into the game.You predict the scores You call the plays. In real time… while you watch and compete against others playing in the game or league.

The more you call it, the more points you can achieve!  You also earn loyalty rewards redeemable for cool stuff!

FireFan™ has team and player stats, news, social chat (with those in your game), game and league invites, and league creation. And, yes, you can start to play the game right from the start – even if a live NFL game is not yet broadcasting. You choose which games you want to play and then go to the pre-game questions to make predictions!  Once a game begins, you start making in-game selections to predict what’s going to happen next – in football, before each Drive.  The Leaderboard shows you which player in your game is ahead, and how the rest stack up!  That leaderboard changes rapidly and it’s anyone’s game to win!  So much fun to play – so much fun to WIN!

Don’t miss the hottest app of the year – FireFan™. Ignite your passion.

FireFan® kicks off with NFL Football and MLS Soccer – but the fun doesn’t stop there! NBA Basketball comes next followed by…all sports!


Get In The Game!

Download now and use FIRENOW player rewards code – or just click the button to join our league!

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Need more information about how FireFan is played? Click here for screenshots and instructions!