It’s ABOUT having fun.

pam2011It’s easy to become an MVP Fire Fan – just play FireFan™ to interact live with real sporting events, compete with other sports fans – and have a good time!

This is new to me – I’m not a gamer, not a huge sports fan.  FireFan™ appeals to my competitive side in a fun, socially-connected way like no other game app ever has.  Why?

  • Provides interaction with actual live sporting events, whether you’re a huge fan of a particular sport – or not!

  • Offers the fun and excitement of competing with others – family, friends, or complete strangers worldwide!

  • Playing and winning means you can redeem points earned for some really cool stuff!

So get in the game – use FireFan Rewards Code: FIRENOW – and have some fun becoming an MVP Fire Fan!


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