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FireFan Play : Games

Once you’ve created a league – it’s time to create FireFan games for members of your league to join and play.  Setting up a game is easy and only takes a few minutes – checkout the demo on this page for screenshots that walk you through the quick process.

How To : Create FireFan Games

When you create FireFan games within your league, points earned during the play of those games is added to the leaderboard which totals the points for all members of the league that play.  This allows members to compete not only when playing individual games, but for all games hosted by your league – which makes ongoing play more fun, as members jockey for position on the leaderboard from game to game, week to week.  You can create multiple leagues, for example: MVP FIREFANS is the league for NFL Regular Season games.  MVP NFL2016 is the new league created specifically for the Wild Card, Playoffs and Super Bowl 51.

Creating the new league for specific championship games resets the leaderboard, and levels the playing field for all members in our group!  We’ve had such a good time learning to play FireFan and introducing it to more and more new players for each game.  Since some of our members came in toward the end of the regular season NFL games – this new league gives everyone an even chance during the championship games to WIN and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

As team leader, I must say that I am surprised by the competitive nature of some of the most unlikely members of our group!  Many on our team, myself included, never watched football and knew basically nothing about the game.  Different story now, that I can tell you!  Even the non-sports enthusiasts on our team have gotten completely involved in the game and totally focused on moving up that leaderboard!  It has been so much fun and we now look forward to every game.  More importantly, we’ve become good friends as a direct result of playing FireFan multiple times a week.  While not every member can take the time to play every game, regret for missing a game is always the first topic during in-game chats 🙂

Be sure to check out the post on how to Invite Players – it’s so easy to invite your friends, family, coworkers or even customers – to play FireFan!

Create a League Tutorial

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