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MVP FireFans Thunder vs Rockets

The FireFans Thunder vs Rockets game is where our focus is today. Whether you’re rooting for (my fav) Golden State Warriors, the Cavaliers, Spurs, Rockets, Clippers, Thunder – or any other team, the season is heating up!  What team will incur dreaded injuries that might be game-changing for the finals?  What top teams might be unseated early in the tournament?  Many factors can affect the outcome of what is sure to be an exciting season finale. Visit our LIVE SCORES page to see how all the teams are doing so far.

So, who will win tonight?  No way to know – but what we do know for sure is playing FireFans Thunder vs Warriors game with us in the MVP NBAFans League will be a blast! Come have a lot of fun – play, predict, compete and win!  March Madness Contest Winner will be determined and announced in the FIREFAN APP CHAT (and on the website) at the end of this game – which is the last Pickup Game on March 26th…and my BIRTHDAY!  Thanks to all of you who participated in the contest, or played in any of my league games!


March Madness MVP NBAFANS Contest Details