YES! FireFan™ sports app is FREE to download and play!  Just CLICK HERE and use Fire Fan Code FIRENOW!

Just like most mobile game apps, tokens are required to play the game and unlock premium features during play.  You can get 12 free tokens if you REGISTER NOW using FireFan Rewards Code: FIRENOW!

Tokens may be acquired in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: 1) Earn free tokens by watching short sponsor ads; 2) Purchase tokens for a nominal fee; 3) Get 12 free tokens now!

Players earn “loyalty rewards points” by correctly answering interactive questions posed during a live sporting event. Points are cumulative!

Loyalty Rewards Points earned can be redeemed for real items such as team hats, shirts, gear, electronics, event tickets, trips, and much more!

JUST CLICK HERE NOW and use Fire Fan Rewards Code = FIRENOW to get registered to play with 12 FREE GAME TOKENS upon download week of November 21, 2016 when FireFan sports app is released in iTunes® and Googleplay® app stores!

FireFan™ sports app will launch week of Nov 21st with NFL Football and MLS Soccer. Players can interact LIVE with actual events in real-time.

Yes! The primary focus after initial launch will be the sports that have the largest global followings like basketball, hockey, baseball, cricket, rugby, tennis, car racing, and more. FireFan’s goal is to support the world’s most popular sports that are enjoyed by sports fans on every continent.

NBA Basketball is slated to be added next following initial launch of FireFan™.

FireFan™ will be made available for download the week of November 21, 2016 – just in time for Thanksgiving holiday play and enjoyment!

No. FireFan™ is NOT a fantasy-style game and does not even compete with fantasy, but is an adjunct to fantasy. It is anticipated that people who love fantasy will still play fantasy. However, it is believed they will also play FireFan™ because it is a completely different experience altogether. FireFan™ is a unique sports experience, designed to enhance your enjoyment and interaction with sporting events in a live, social manner. It’s about being a fan and playing along with your team, your friends, and your favorite players, while at the same time opening up the world to come together on common ground around a passion for live, interactive sporting events. Everyday sports fans will love to play FireFan™ – an app that is not a “stats” experience, but a “game” experience.

FireFan™ a live sports mobile game. People spend almost 18 hours a week with sports either watching games, reading articles, checking scores, etc. FireFan™ will provide additional features like articles, news feeds, and scores. An important thing to remember is sports are going on all over the world. When half of the world is asleep, the other half of the world is awake – which means that sports games are constantly being played. FireFan™ off with the NFL and MLS – but will be adding sports over time.

  • Download the app and become a player (get 12 free tokens with Fire Fan Code FIRENOW).
  • Choose a Game to play
  • Play for FREE, or play with Tokens.
    1. Pre-Game and Social Features are FREE
    2. Buy or Earn tokens to play LIVE events.
    3. Earn tokens with ad participation.
  • Earn points in every game.
  • Accumulate Lifetime Achievement points.
  • Earn Badges, awards and advance in Rank.
  • Get Loyalty Rewards for participation and in-app spending.

No. There are no agreements with the NFL to stream live clips because that is not how FireFan™ is played, nor is it part of the game. The FireFan™ game accompanies live sporting events, enhancing your watching of your favorite sporting event. You will watch those events the same way you do today, and play the app along with your viewing of that live sporting event.

YES! You can give the FireFan Rewards Code: FIRENOW to all of your friends and family to register and receive free tokens! When playing the game, you will also be able to SHARE with your contacts so they can play the game also!

Unfortunately no. Players will need to enter both their email and phone number in order to pre-register to download the FireFan app.

According to Internet and Gaming laws, players of the FireFan game must be 13 years old.

FireFan is NOT gambling any more than other casual games that you play where you can purchase virtual currency (consideration) and play a game (chance or skill) but you get points, not prizes.

What Sports Do MVP FireFans Love Most?

Estimated Fans Worldwide

Soccer Fans

Estimated to be the #1 ranked sport worldwide.

FireFan Code Firenow Cricket
Cricket Fans

Estimated to be the #2 ranked sport worldwide.

FireFan Code Firenow Baseball
Baseball Fans

Estimated to be the #7 ranked sport worldwide.

FireFan Code Firenow Football
American Football Fans

Estimated to be the #9 ranked sport worldwide – tied with Basketball.