MVP FireFan Baseball

Summer FireFan Baseball Action is heating up just in time to enjoy live play with your favorite MLB teams!  Join our MLB League and play with a group of baseball enthusiasts keen on competition all summer long!  Check the Game Calendar for scheduled games every week!

Live Play :

There’s a hot, new game interface for FireFan Baseball that gives you all the live action as it occurs so you can make your in-game predictions at the top and bottom of the innings.  Keep on top of the action with live feeds to help you choose the winning answers and climb up the highly competitive MVP leaderboard!

What is “Live Play” ?

If you’ve played FireFan football and basketball games, you realize you can play games by joining and making pre-game picks (selections to predict overall game outcome).  But if you “play live” – for 6 tokens – you make predictions (picks) throughout the game based on live action!  The new FireFan baseball interface shows you the pitches delivered and the resulting plays in real-time.

What about MVP Points ?
Bonus Action

All players will earn extra MVP game points for all games hosted by our MLB League!  Just be sure to grab the COUPON CODE posted in the chat during every MVP league game.  If you haven’t registered for our exclusive point system yet – just click here to register and start earning points!  The redemption center will open this fall 2017 – so start earning points today!

FireFan Baseball Interface

Firefan Baseball Interface - use code: FIRENOW

FireFan Player Rewards Code

Be sure to enter Player Reward Promo Code FIRENOW or Join our League so you receive 18 FREE Bonus Tokens to play FireFan baseball games with us instantly. Visit the posts in our “How To Play FireFan” series for tips and instructions on features of the sports app.  Earn (6) FREE TOKENS daily by watching short sponsor videos – takes a few seconds and you’re good to play a new game for free!  You also receive (2) bonus tokens each time players you invite download and play.  Inviting players from within the FireFan game app is super easy – so invite players and start your own “firestorm”, it’s a blast!