FireFan How to Play: Create a League

FireFan : Create Leagues

Before we create leagues or join a league – we need to create a profile inside the game.  Setting up and learning from “FireFan Create Leagues” demo is easy and only takes a few minutes – we have a great tutorial you might want to visit first for tips.  If you’ve setup your profile and are ready to create or join a league and play, let’s get going!

FireFan : Create Leagues For Your Groups

Creating your own league in FireFan is a fun way to socialize and have fun competing with friends and family players of the game!  If you have a sports bar – it’s a great way to engage your patrons so they spend more quality time enjoying your establishment.  Social clubs, sports teams, employees, or just a group of college buddies – all are great reasons to create a League in FireFan.  If participants in your group are not sports enthusiasts, they soon will be as they become engaged in the addicting fun competitive interaction with live sporting events offers when playing FireFan.  It truly is like no other sports game app available and will soon be something everyone wants to play.  So to create leagues, all that is required is to start inviting people to join, play, predict, compete, and have a ton of fun!

FireFan Play : Reasons to Create a League

Reasons to create a league vary from player to player, but we’ve found that our MVP FIREFANS league provides a unique way for friends and family across the country to interact on a weekly basis, enjoy some healthy competition, and stay in touch on a level previously not enjoyed.  Our experience has opened our eyes to many other possibilities, depending on various personal scenarios, and even business interests.  Leagues may be “private” by invitation only; or “public” in which anyone can join.  You may also limit the number of members when you create a league (see FireFan Create Leagues demo).

  • Keep Social Club members engaged between meetings with fun weekly get-togethers
  • Regroup sports teams, such as Little League, during off-season with ongoing competition for position in league leader boards
  • Challenge competing sports bars in the area or across the country (franchise locations) to help build patron participation and loyalty
  • Create a league for charity organizations to invite new supporters and draw more awareness to your cause
  • Invite players who are sports fans that follow your favorite professional sports team to build a network of fun-loving, highly competitive fans
  • Give employees a chance to forget about work and just have fun – offer weekly rewards for those who climb to the top of the leader board and win games
  • Create employee leagues for different departments, divisions, gals against the guys, etc. to encourage teamwork and improve morale
  • School leagues allow kids healthy competition with rival schools to build team spirit, social interaction, and participation in sports, even if not sports-oriented
  • Small-town leagues can create closer community ties with fun competition between townships and social connection between residents
  • Church leagues can help engage congregations and bring in new members through fun, sports-oriented play and competition with other churches
  • Engage “Team Leaders” to create their own leagues using our handy “FireFan Create Leagues” demo

We are always looking for ways to engage groups of people that are often diverse in their interests and skill levels – as well as those who may not be as socially adept as others.  FireFan offers a free, simple way to involve people from all backgrounds because it is a social platform build around sports.  What does that mean?  Think of it like this – when a person uses Facebook, they can freely engage without the need to have anything in common.  This paves the way for broad social interaction in a manner like never before, in part because it removes social barriers many people experience, i.e. location, personality, confidence, physical limitations, etc.  Social interaction can connect people with lost contacts and help build new friendships.  It can, in some instances, help build better social skills in an environment more easily digested by some – especially when a group of people have a common interest – which in the case of FireFan is “sports”.

Then there is the “competition” element of that shared sports interest! Competition is a social process where people try their best to do something better than others – so they can win. Although most research on competition has a focus on males, it’s not just men who are obsessed with winning. Contrary to popular belief, men and women can be equally competitive – especially when the playing field is so level!  In our MVP FIREFANS League, we constantly jostle for position during games, with different winners for most games.  The fact that anyone can win a game on any given day is what makes it fun.  Each win in a game adds to the points on the leader board, so the more league games played, the more your chances to make it to the top.

We don’t have a “take no prisoners” attitude in our FireFan league – we compete as way to have fun!  As league team leader, I will be looking for ways to reward players who join MVP FIREFANS in the future!  Rewards will be based on levels of participation, as well as games won and accumulation of points – so join now, use “FireFan Create Leagues” demo for tips, and get in the game!

FireFan Player Rewards Code

Be sure to enter a Player Reward Promo Code so you can receive FREE Bonus Tokens to play the game instantly. Visit all the posts in our “How To Play FireFan” series for more instructions for using various features of the sports app. You also receive bonus tokens when you invite players from within the FireFan game app – so invite players and start your own “firestorm”, it’s a blast!