FireFan How to Play: Create a Profile

FireFan : Create Profile

Setting up and learning the app using “Firefan Create Profile” demo is easy and only takes a few minutes.  After downloading the app from either iTunes or GooglePlay, the first step is to create and setup your player profile.  The app walks you through a series of screens which allow you to choose a username, password, select favorite sports and teams, connect with other players or MVPs playing the game – and, ultimately, to join games and leagues.

Sports are competitive by nature. FireFan play is also competitive – and fun! Players engage by chatting with other players, oftentimes from all over the world, during the game.  You can check the game leader board, the chat room, and the over all league leader board, anytime – as well as during actual sporting events. Players continually check these areas to view their status. FireFan is a social platform built around sports, and MVP FIREFANS League is quickly becoming popular because it is just pure fun!

We’ve captured some helpful screenshots and included them below so you can get familiar with this easy process and start playing today.

FireFan Create Profile : Profile Summary

Your “Total Points Earned” earned is accumulated points from answering correctly on pregame picks, and in game picks. Your “Followers” are those who choose to follow you like traditional social media such as Twitter.  As for “Following” – those are players in the game you have elected to follow. You will automatically follow FireFan company leaders when your profile is created.

The “Purchase Tokens” bar allows you to buy tokens and/or token subscriptions. Coming very soon, there will be in app video ads and surveys you can watch/complete to acquire additional tokens to play in the “Freemium” app play. The profile token summary provides a snapshot of total tokens you have to play in future games,  (Token Balance). (Ticket balance) is the amount of tokens you have used to play in games, and (Lifetime Points) are equivalent to the points you earn during pregame, and in game play.

FireFan Create Profile : Home Screen

“Upcoming Games” are games you elected to play which are scheduled. “My Leagues” are those leagues you have joined.  You can search and join through the app by clicking on “find leagues”. “Leagues I Manage” are your own leagues you have created, and they can be managed and edited by clicking on the icon for each league.  You can also create your own league. “My Favorites” are professional sports, and teams chosen during setup, so other players can see your interests.  There is also an “MVP” list of all celebrities and athletes that are playing FireFan so you can follow them, and play in special leagues they create.

FireFan Create Profile : Fire Button

The orange FireFan button located bottom-center on certain screens allows you to navigate quickly inside the app. When the button is clicked, a screen will pop up. “Home” is the first bottom left, and will take you to your player home screen.

The “Leagues” button takes you to the screen fro searching leagues to play in. The “Connect” button allows you to search, find, and follow other players within the app. The “Social” button goes to the Firestorm chat that all players can view.  Here is where you can post updates, and allow others to comment, like, or even dislike your posts.

The “Games” button allows you to search current and upcoming games to join and play. The “Alerts” button will take you to notifications from other players you have received, i.e. invites, and new games created. Notifications can also be accessed in your player profile screen.

You’ll be impressed with how easy FireFan is to use, and navigate. After just a few minutes of cruising around the app, you’ll be ready to play like a pro!

FireFan Player Rewards Code

Be sure to enter a Player Reward Promo Code so you can receive FREE Bonus Tokens to play the game instantly. Visit all the posts in our “How To Play FireFan” series for more instructions for using various features of the sports app. You also receive bonus tokens when you invite players from within the FireFan game app – so invite players and start your own “firestorm”, it’s a blast!