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Maximize your experience with this FireFan Demo Play!

FireFan demo play shows you how to play using actual screenshots from the app launched on November 24th.  Within just 24 hours, FireFan became the #1 trending app globally!  Here is a brief overview for new players to explain how to play so you can get in the game and have some fun!

How to Play FireFan Demo

Look for the glowing hand cursor: firefan demo play cursorwhich indicates a demo action, or buttons that glow orange.  If you’re looking for more specific instruction, check out our individual FireFan demo play tutorials for Creating Your Player Profile, Inviting Players, Creating Games, and Creating Leagues.

FireFan™ First Step

CLICK HERE to get a PLAYER REWARDS CODE and download FireFan for either Android or Apple operating systems.

You’ll be prompted to create a profile and login to instantly receive FREE bonus tokens to play.  Unlike most other game applications – FireFan™ includes a robust, fun social media element right inside the app.  You can chat, follow, and have others follow you right inside the app.

Make sure you have a profile picture on your phone and ready to add, choose a good username (top of your name) catchy enough to attract followers!

firefan-play-demo-home-screenshotLet’s take a look at the HOME page.

Once your profile is created, your “Total Points Earned” earned shows accumulated points after answering correctly on pre-game picks, and in-game picks. Your “Followers” are players who elected to follow you, much like traditional social media FB or Twitter.  “Following” are those players in the game you elected to follow. You will automatically follow FireFan™ corporate leaders once your profile is created – and it is always fun to play with Natalyn, Rob, Jeff, Roger, Jesse and many others.

Click “Purchase Tokens” if you’d like to buy token subscriptions.  The app is in “beta” mode right now, but very soon there will be in-app ads and surveys you can watch/complete to earn free tokens for “Freemium” play.

The profile summary page (click the icon upper right) shows a snapshot of Token Balance: total tokens you have to play in future games. Ticket balance is the amount of tokens you have used to play in games, and Lifetime Points are the points you earn during pre-game, and in-game play.

“Upcoming Games” are games you selected to play that are scheduled. “My Leagues” are other player leagues you’re invited to play in that you accept, or search and join through the app.

“Leagues I Manage” are leagues you created so other players can join and play with you.

“My Favorites” are professional sports, and teams you like so other players can see your interests.

“My Achievements” are badges I will earn as time goes by and I play the game more and more!  As you can see, I’m just getting started 🙂

There is also an “MVP” list of all celebrities and athletes that are playing FireFan™ which you can choose to follow, and play with – when they create special leagues and host game parties.

The orange FireFan button located in center bottom of certain screens allows you to navigate to different areas of importance within the app.

If you click this orange navigation button, a new lower screen appears.

“Home” (first bottom left),  will take you back to your player profile screen.

“Leagues” button allows you to search for specific leagues to play in. Also the name of your league can be provided to players your inviting to play with so they are able to find them within the app.

“Friends” button allows you to search, find, and follow other players within the app.

“Social” button takes you to the Firestorm chat social aspect of the app so you can post updates, and allow others to comment, like, or even dislike your status. Other players of the app can engage in chat right within the app general population.

“Games” button allows you to search current and upcoming games to join and play.

“Alerts” button will allow you to see notifications from other players such as invites to game parties, and new game parties available to join. Notifications can also be accessed in your player token overview.

In FireFan™ you can create your own League and create Games, then invite players to join your game!  You can also join other Leagues and play in games they create.  There are so many options and you can join multiple Leagues to maximize your fun and interact with players from around the world!

Here are some screenshots that show how to create a League, join a League, add Games and Invite Players to your game, and accept a Game Invite from a League.

You can navigate through the entire app easily and smoothy – screens are very intuitive and easy to manage.  You will be impressed with the ease of use, awesome layout, and high-end interface of FireFan™.  It only takes about 30 minutes of navigating you will find yourself cruising thru the app like a pro!

Firefan Demo Play button

How to Join a Game

You can join a game by clicking the orange button at the bottom of your home screen, then click GAMES.  OR you can click a League you belong to (or join a League) and click on any game the league has organized.  Join the game and get started…


Once you join a game – you get to have some fun before the it even starts!

After joining a game, the first thing you want to do is make your Pre-Game Picks.  Click PICKS in the game navigation, which opens when you click the orange NAV BUTTON at the bottom of the game screen.

You’ll see a green bar at the top of the page that says “Pre-Game Picks Available Go    >” – click that bar and just answer the questions asked!

Here are some screenshots that explain things visually 🙂