MVP NBAFANS League Leaderboard


FireFan NBAFANS League launched Saturday Jan 14th and every game played is another entry into the NISSAN ALTIMA WIN A NEW CAR contest!  Play NBA games with Firefan NBAFANS League for your chance to win!

FireFan NBAFANS LEAGUE Number of Games ? No Limits

Download FireFan to get 18 free bonus tokens – that will give you (3) three live games to play.  With the Super Bowl and NBA Basketball – you can KEEP playing free simply by inviting friends.  Every time a friend you invite downloads and plays, you get another (2) two free tokens.  So invite only (3) friends – you get to play another game free – which means another entry into the FireFan Car Giveaway!  Inviting friends could not be easier…because it is done from right inside FireFan.  See this easy tutorial on how to invite!

Why join FireFan NBAFANS League ? More Fun

Playing with other players in a league while watching an actual live game is definitely what makes FireFan play so much fun!  Getting together with friends is way more fun than watching the game alone – and FireFan simulates that, only virtually.  Even if you’re not into sports, you will get caught up in the action, earn points – and compete with new friends!  FireFan NBAFANS League puts a whole new spin on watching sports.  But you be the judge, download and play FireFan yourself to see – and you might just win a car in the process.  Join our league and play with a bunch of my rowdy friends!  But the FireFan Nissan Giveaway ends when the Super Bowl 51 is played – so get in the game now!

FireFan Nissan Giveaway Use Code: FIRENOWFireFan Nissan Giveaway Use Code: FIRENOW

What exactly do I have to do ? Play

There is just nothing more fun than watching live, yelling at the teams to do what you’ve predicted they would do – then checking to see what you got right and where you stand on the leaderboard!  In our MVP FireFan NBAFANS league games, everyone jockeys for position – crows about it when they get on top – and no one is sure who will win until that last second of the game!  It is so much fun, and never has a basketball game passed so quickly as it does when you’re playing FireFan!

FireFan Nissan Giveaway Dates ? All Games Jan 14th thru Super Bowl

Every time you play a game, Firefan Basketball or Football – you earn points for each correct prediction – resulting in a loyalty point accumulation.  Those loyalty points add up and can be redeemed for actual real stuff – like team apparel (hats, jerseys, t-shirts, etc), game tickets, electronics, even trips and cars!  So FireFan play isn’t JUST for fun – it’s also a way to get some cool free stuff just for playing!

FireFan Nissan Giveaway Player Rewards Code

Be sure to enter a Player Reward Promo Code so you can receive 18 FREE Bonus Tokens to play the game instantly. Visit all the posts in our “How To Play FireFan” series for more instructions for using various features of the sports app. You also receive bonus tokens when you invite players from within the FireFan game app – so invite players and start your own “firestorm”, it’s a blast!  All players you invite may also participate in the FireFan Nissan Giveaway drawing.  Every game they play counts as another entry in the drawing.  The more you play, the bigger your chances of winning!