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FireFan Player Ranking

FireFan Player Ranking are levels achieved based on cumulative total of loyalty points earned by playing the game app.  FireFan loyalty points are earned by making FREE pre-game picks and live in-game play selections which require tokens.  FireFan is a free download – so join us to play FireFan Basketball or the Super Bowl and remaining play games!  Players can earn tokens just by downloading and using code: FIRENOW – and by sharing with other players.  Players also have the ability to purchase tokens. Loyalty points may be redeemed for items such as team apparel, electronics, sporting event tickets, and more. Join MVP FIREFANS leagues, play with us, and see how your FireFan Player Ranking improves!  We currently have two leagues:  MVP NFL2016 (football) and MVP NBAFANS (basketball) – so join us today!

Play. Predict. Win.

Play along with live sports – predict the outcome, win points & bragging rights.  FireFan enables sports enthusiasts to chat, discuss their favorite teams & events, and compete against each other while watching actual, live games.  We are having so much fun playing FireFan – moving up the ranks, and learning new sports!  Get in the game easily with helpful tutorials that show how to create a profile, create leagues, and add games  to improve your FireFan Player Ranking!