FireFan How to Play: Invite Players

FireFan Play : Players

Once you’ve created a league and a game – it’s time to invite FireFan players to join and play.  Inviting players is super easy and only takes a few minutes – checkout the demo on this page for screenshots that walk you through the quick process.

How To : Invite FireFan Players

To invite FireFan players to play a game or join a league – you click the INVITE button when on the home screen, or inside any game or league.  The app demo on this page will walk you thru the various ways to invite players.  Just click the glowing orange buttons in the demo to move through the tutorial screens.

There are many aspects that make FireFan a blast to play – the pre-game selections for outcome of a game, the in-game live interaction for each drive or period, the instant gratification of knowing you were right!  But for most of the players in the MVP FIREFANS league – it’s the competition and the social interaction with other players during the game that is the most fun!  The thrill of being at the top of the leaderboard, and the challenge of staying there – just can’t be beat!  Invite FireFan players to your games, leagues – or join our league – and see why FireFan is changing the way we watch sports!  You won’t be disappointed!

FireFan Player Rewards Code

Be sure to enter a Player Reward Promo Code so you can receive FREE Bonus Tokens to play the game instantly. Visit all the posts in our “How To Play FireFan” series for more instructions for using various features of the sports app. You also receive bonus tokens when you invite players from within the FireFan game app – so invite players and start your own “firestorm”, it’s a blast!

Create a Game Tutorial

Invite FireFan Players Demo

Look for the glowing hand cursor: which indicates a demo action, or buttons that glow orange.