MVP FireFans March Madness Contest

March Madness FireFan Action is heating up just in time to enjoy live play with your favorite NBA or College Basketball teams!  MVP FireFans is hosting a contest drawing to give FireFan league players a chance to win a cool $100 cash just for playing!  The drawing is random, so everyone has an equal chance of winning if they follow these simple rules…

Live Play Eligible March Madness FireFan Games : (9) Games

The first game is Saturday, March 11 Warriors vs. Spurs so there’s no time to tarry around here!  If you happen to miss the first March Madness Firefan game, not to worry – just get in on the next eligible game.  There will be random “pickup” games posted to give those that got in after March 11th, or missed a critical eligibility game, the chance to make the full 9-game requirement.  Those “pickup” games will be indicated on the MVP League Calendar as they become available – so check it often!

What is “Live Play” ? Actual Play

If you’ve played FireFan in the past, you might realize you can play games simply by joining and making pre-game picks (selections to predict overall game outcome).  But if you “play live” you make picks throughout the game based on live action and plays!  To be eligible for the drawing, you must make at least (3) series of picks in the eligible games.  Picks usually occur 2 to 3 times during each quarter of an NBA basketball game.  You must make picks in at least 3 of these live play pick sessions to qualify, and the system will automatically indicate this so there will be no question of participation.

Which leagues will contest games appear ?

The first three games are NBA – then once the tournament begins, NCAA games will be part of the eligibility lineup for the contest, as well as the occasional NBA Game.  We’re mixing it up!

What about MVP Points ?
Bonus Action

All players will earn double points for the (9) eligible March Madness Firefan games and “pickup” games – so 40 MVP points per game are yours for the taking!  Just be sure to grab the COUPON CODE posted in the chat during/after every MVP NBAFANS league game.  If you haven’t registered for our exclusive point system yet – well click here to do so and start earning points!  The redemption center will soon be open – it’s under construction now, but you can start earning points today!

How To Play FireFan

What exactly do I have to do ?  Play.

Playing March Madness FireFan games to enter our contest is super simple!  If you’re new, just follow these steps…

  1. CLICK HERE to Download the App
  2. Launch FireFan and create your Profile
  3. Click “Find Leagues” on home screen – and type in MVP NBAFANS or just click here:  JOIN OUR LEAGUE
  4. Click on the MVP NBAFANS logo on your home screen, and choose a game – or just click here:  GAME CALENDAR
  5. Join the game and make your pre-game picks (if available)
  6. On game day, click the game icon on your home page and start playing!

When is the Winner Announced ?  March 26th.

The final game of the March Madness Contest for MVP FireFans is actually the last “pickup game” of the contest also – March 26th – which is also my Birthday!

FireFan Free Tokens Use Code: FIRENOWFireFan Free Tokens Use Code: FIRENOW

FireFan Player Rewards Code

Be sure to enter Player Reward Promo Code FIRENOW or Join our League so you receive 18 FREE Bonus Tokens to play the game instantly. Visit the posts in our “How To Play FireFan” series for tips and instructions on features of the sports app. You also receive (2) bonus tokens each time players you invite download and play.  Inviting players from within the FireFan game app is super easy – so invite players and start your own “firestorm”, it’s a blast!