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FireFan Code Firenow

Play Live with Friends.  Predict in Real-time.  Have a Blast.

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FireFan is a Game Changer because it puts YOU in the game and lets you play along with others.  So checkout our “how to invite players” tutorials and start your own firestorm – this game will change the way you enjoy sports!

You predict the scores. You call the plays in real time… while you watch and compete against sports heroes, celebrities, friends, family, or other die-hard fans.

The more you call it, the more points you can achieve! Become a loyal fire fan and earn loyalty rewards redeemable for cool stuff!

You can play for free, in a game, or join our League. The better your calls, the more accurate your predictions, the faster you’ll move up in the standings on the league leaderboard. The more you play, the more rewards you’ll earn!

Forget the statistics. Rely on your instincts.  Anyone, any age, any level can play.

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FireFan™ is now available and YOU can be a part of the final season games, the playoffs and SUPER BOWL 51 – don’t just watch, play along and have a blast with MVP NFL2016 League.  We’re resetting the leaderboard so everyone has a chance to WIN starting with the NFL Wild Card games, then playoffs and finally, the Super Bowl!

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